Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Insecurity and Soup

I missed the Insecure Writer's Support Group post last week. Tuesday night my wife turned into a soup sandwich. I spent all night and part of the morning taking care of her. I was too exhausted the next day to do much of anything. I think we laid on the couch and watched a lot of tv.

My wife is feeling much better now, not so soupy. So, I'm moving on with the support post.

Despite not posting anything, there's still plenty of insecurity and support surrounding me and my writing. I've sold five copies of my book this month. Painful. I knew it would slow down before the holidays, but I wasn't expecting this. I hope that things pick up with all those new tablets and ereaders people will get in December.

I've submitted my novel to over thirty book review blogs this week. Many of these will choose not to read my book. Many will not get around to it for months. I'm okay with both of these. I know I don't have unlimited time. Neither do these kind folks out there who love to read and share what they like. I'm going to be patient. It gives these blogs more time to add followers and for readers to get used to their shiny new tablets anyway.

Being self published means I don't have to rush to sell all my copies in print so the publisher will print again. I can wait and let my audience grow bit by bit. I can fix typos. I can work on my next book. I'm thankful for my friends on here who have been crazy supportive. You are amazing human beings and I am humbled to know you, even if in just some weird digital sense of the word.


Candice said...

Ick. I'm sorry your wife was sick, I hope she'll be fully recovered soon.

So how many copies of your book have you sold altogether? I've been super curious about that.

Don't get discouraged, and good luck with the review blogs. One of my bloggy friends Elizabeth Reinhardt self-published a novel recently. She's probably got some contacts in the blogopshere that you can look into contacting as well if you're interested.

Keep moving forward! :)

Brent Wescott said...

That's a beautiful image of a soup sandwich. Looks tasty.

Next time my school gives me money to buy books for my room, I'm buying a bunch of Crystal Bridges. We'll have reading circles and vocabulary study (what is that word "graphene"?) and look into the history and cultural surroundings of the author and perform a little New Historic Criticism. (I won't tell them I know the real you.) Yay!

Martin Willoughby said...

Thanks for that image, but I'm glad she's better now.

You're right about the advantages of being self-published. The added advantage of ebooks is that you have NO stock to worry about either.

Anonymous said...

That book of yours deserves better than 5 copies sold in a month. You need some serious publicity. Have you tried standing on street corners passing out excerpts, or climbing the Empire State Building to get on the news?

Or I suppose you can go the mundane way - local bookstores will sometimes feature local writers if you have stock on hand, church or community newletters sometimes will print a notice or review, or you can hang fliers in coffee shops until someone tears it down.

You COULD hang out in the Barnes & Noble parking lot harassing their customers, but I think that could get you in trouble.

Maybe you could talk Brent into making it required reading for his classes. I'm sure his school won't mind :)

Seriously, though, I did enjoy the book, and I plan on giving two copies of it away for Christmas. Only two, though, because I don't know that many people who actually read.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see Brent's comment. Now I look silly.

Charlie Pulsipher said...

@Candice- About 100 so far. Yes, I'm interested in any advice or contacts she is willing to share.

@Brent- I know...nice and soupy. That would be awesome.

@Martin- Welcome :) and it is nice not to worry about a ton of books sitting in warehouses.

@Doug- I know, right? I'll have to try a few of those. All teachers should make it required reading. Thanks for liking and continuing to buy. You don't look too more than usual.

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