My Books

Yes, I wrote a novel. No, it doesn't have my cartoons in it. Perhaps I'll do one like that in the future, but don't be dissapointed. My novel is awesome.

The Crystal Bridge is a sci-fi novel that spans two worlds. Here is the back cover teaser:

Kaden is a typical teenage boy, except he can open wormholes to far away worlds.

His first trip almost killed him. He’s been afraid to try another.

Aren is far from a typical teenage girl. She has the ultimate gift of empathy, seeing into the memories and souls of others.

Her gift makes her different and lonely despite how close it brings her to those she knows.

When these two meet, the existence of two worlds will be endangered as their abilities plunge them into a planet at war.

Their adventure may tear apart multiple universes…or they may just save us all.

Don't worry, there are adult characters too. James is a geneticist working with holographic simulations to recreate dinosaurs and dragons. Angie is his boss. Then there are characters in the other world. I have plenty of people for each of you to identify with and two bad guys for you to dislike.

I loved writing this book. It has become a part of who I am. Please buy it and share it with your friends. I want the world to share in the craziness that is in my head. Thank you.

I first experimented with indie publishing on my little zombie guide, Zombies at the Door, Planning for the Inevitable. I wanted a practice run with something small and easy. I'm glad I did. There is very little small and easy about publishing your own ebook. I hope you like this as well. It was a fun little project.

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